Friday, May 29, 2009

A Smokin' Frittata

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You know it’s been a busy week when you haven’t eaten at home for the whole week, the weekend has slowly crept up on you, and you’re blogging about something you made last weekend. Such was this week, so I’m thankful for the stash of leftovers I had from the weekend that I can tote to work, including the Smoked Trout and Dill Frittata I made.

It’s no secret I’m a pancake lover, but since the parents were in town for a visit, and my mom leans more towards the savoury stuff, I made a frittata instead. Great way to use up eggs and whatever you have lying around in your fridge.

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My family is a fan of Starsky, a local grocery that specializes in fine European foods. Go on the weekends and its always packed with people, but the wait at the deli counter is certainly worth it, with a slew of hams, sausages and other cold cuts, along with lots of cheeses, to choose from. I’m also a huge fan of their smoked trout. Luckily, I had wrapped up an extra fillet of the smoked trout and threw it in the freezer after our last visit to Starsky, so I threw some of the fish into the frittata, along with some dill (the perfect accompaniment to fish!) and a parboiled potato. It makes for a delicate and light brunch or lunch that looks fancy and complicated, but really only takes minutes to put together. Great for a lazy Sunday meal, and makes for a delicious lunch the next day!


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