Monday, August 5, 2013

Agak, Agak, Hawk! on August 9th

“Sit around a circle and eat elbow-to-elbow with us. Interact through ingredients while rolling out fermented tales and fresh salad rolls, mash-up zingy sauces, and mix among art, song, and dance together.” — The Chop Suzies Collective

I’m so thrilled for my friend (and one of my fellow partners-in-crime in our Ninja Piggies pop-up project), Vanessa Toye, who’s teamed up with a group of her friends to form the Chop Suzies Collective. Descended from a dynasty of dumpling crimping chain gangs, the Chop Suzies Collective see food as something beyond the plate.

Join the Chop Suzies Collective this coming Friday, August 9th, as they present Agak, Agak, Hawk!, a unique event that promises street food, stories, salad roll shenanigans, serious sauce-mashing, and more! More than just a street food event, Agak, Agak, Hawk! aims to make this a truly interactive experience, as festival goers are invited and encouraged to craft their own street seating, scrawl interactive stories along their art wall, and take part in the making of old and new food traditions from the heart, like learning to roll fresh salad rolls or making sauces the old-fashioned way.

There will also be a “Hack It as a Hawker” contest, which will feature an open mic format of storytellers who can win the chance to work with Sang Kim, the man behind Yakitori Bar and an award-winning storyteller and author in his own rights. Joining the Chop Suzies Collective will be unique vendors like Paintbox Bistro, Tita Flips, Santo Pecado, and Sukhothai, amongst others, who will be hawking their own delicious dishes.

Come down to Daniels Spectrum with an open mind and an empty stomach, and learn how engaging with our food through people and stories will change your relationship with how we eat and what food really means to us. So bring your appetites and hawking skills, and get ready to get a little agak, agak with the Chop Suzies Collective!

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WHAT: Agak, Agak, Hawk! - Storytelling & Street Food
WHEN: Friday, August 9th, 2013 from 4:00pm to 8:30pm
WHERE: 585 Dundas Street East at Daniels Spectrum along Regent Park Boulevard & MDC Partners Courtyard

Event is FREE. Dishes from each vendor will be individually priced.

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