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I’m Bonita, an avid foodie who loves experimenting in the kitchen and discovering great food dining out. As a little girl, I started out in my little Fisher Price kitchen, writing up menus and dishing out plastic roast chicken and cake to my stuffed animal friends who were brave enough (or more likely forced to) sit at my table.

Of course, I have since graduated from my little FP kitchen to the real kitchen. I host dinner parties now with real chicken, and I promise you all my guests have come at their own free will!

I owe my love for food to my parents. My mother is a fabulous cook in her own rights, and my parents have always encouraged my brother and I to try everything at least once, which helped introduce us to a wide world of food that most kids aren’t privileged to or willing to try.

After a short stint at Forks 'n Chopsticks which I shared with my older brother, Bon Eats launched in June 2008 as a way to chronicle my culinary adventures and easily share recipes with family and friends. Originally from Ottawa, I now live in Toronto and try to reflect my cooking on this multicultural city, where there is something for everyone and every taste. You'll also get a taste of the ever-growing and diverse Toronto food scene.

The name Bon Eats was the brainchild of a friend of mine back in university. I took Italian all throughout my undergraduate as an alternative and often brought them treats from my oven: biscotti, muffins for breakfast, cupcakes. So when they started stressing the second syllable in my name to make a workplay, I didn’t get what their deal was (yes, I was slow that way). But then it dawned on me one day, the name stuck in my head and I adopted it for this blog when I started it. (Grazie Vincenzo!)

When I’m not in the kitchen, I enjoy reading, listening to music, karaoke, organizing and re-organizing my always growing collection of cookbooks and food magazines, and photography.

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