Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Delicious Launch

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It seems like I’ve become French this past month, and taken a strike on life. This term has been a bit crazy, with a lot going on, and ever since we finished production for On the Danforth, I haven’t had much motivation to do much else, besides the occasional school assignment. So I’ve taken an extended spring break, and haven’t done much cooking or baking in the kitchen either. But I was back in the kitchen this past week, and with a huge task at hand. I was commissioned to bake a cake for our magazine’s launch party, and being one who’s always up to a new challenge, I agreed.

Since the cake was for the launch party, I wanted it to be a bit on the fun side, and thought it would be cute to put together a book cake, in honour of our Book & Magazine Publishing program. However, my oven is not very big to begin with (the pitiful, shrunken 28” version versus the standard 32”), so that was one of the problems I had to contend with. In order to ensure that there would be enough cake for a large crowd, I decided to bake a couple of cakes and put them together.

Next was figuring out what flavour to make the cake. I decided the safest choice was to go with vanilla and chocolate, since you really couldn’t go wrong with those two flavours with the general public, right?

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In the end, I baked five 9”x13” cakes. I iced two of them together to make an open book, and used the other three cakes to create a stack of books. Since my decorating skills are lacking, they didn’t come out looking super fantastic, but at least they looked somewhat like books in the end! More importantly, the cakes seemed to be well received at the party from all the comments I got, so that’s a good thing! I’ll admit though, baking these cakes have tired me out, so I may extend my little “strike from life” just a little longer…


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