Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In Search of Perfection

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Everyone has their ideal chocolate chip cookie. For me, I love the rich, buttery kinds with not too many chocolate chips, heavy in vanilla and slightly undercooked to yield soft and utterly chewy cookies, perfect with a cold glass of milk. The chocolate chip cookie has probably been the one recipe I’ve fiddled with the most over the years, and I’m still not satisfied with it. No matter how I try, I can never get the perfect cookie. They are always great fresh out of the oven, but the satisfaction-factor is short-lived.

Enter my classmate Rowan. He makes the most fabulous cookies I’ve ever taste. They are so soft, unlike any of my cookies that have ever come out of the oven. He swears there is no secret, despite “beating the s--- out of them,” but I’m convinced he’s holding something back! Despite comparing notes, I couldn’t find anything different from my own base recipe (I work off the popular Nestle Tollhouse recipe). Oh well! This only means that I can bother Rowan every couple of weeks, along with the rest of the class, to bake us another batch of his delicious cookies!

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I did track down this recipe that gives me a cookie similar to Rowan’s. The ingredients are pretty much the same as any standard chocolate chip cookie recipe. The only big difference is that the recipe melts the butter, and uses 1 whole egg plus an egg yolk. Fresh out of the oven, these babies are super gooey and chewy—the closest I’ve come to producing my dream chocolate chip cookie.


Suzanne Gardner February 25, 2009 at 6:39 p.m.  

I am SO sad that I missed production and didn't get one of these. I love the exact same kind of chocolate chip cookie that you do!

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