Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas, #4: Spiced Soft Caramels

Ever since I made my own candies for Halloween and realized just how easy it actually is, I've been a big fan of making them from scratch. Yes, there's still a lot of sugar in it (and corn syrup), but you leave out all that other junk that you often get in commercially-made candy. So it's slightly better for you!

xmas cookies_05

Day Four of my Twelve Days of Christmas series: Spiced Soft Caramels.

The spices in these soft caramels are perfect for the holiday season, as it reminds me of gingerbread cookies. They are ridiculously easy to make. You just need a little patience while the caramel cooks. And get a few extra hands to help out at the table to make the wrapping of these caramels go faster.

Soft, chewy, sweet, buttery, a little spicy. Who wouldn't want a few of these tucked into their cookie tin or stocking?

xmas cookies_06

Find the recipe of these caramels via Form V Artisan.


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