Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #103: Buca

Orecchio di Maiale
Orecchio di Maiale - crisp pig’s ears with wild fennel salt

Baccala - Aleutian islands cod, fresh chive and bergamot zabaglione freddo

Anatra - thinly sliced duck breast with house-made ricotta salata,
pickled orange, fennel pollen and anise-scented taggiasche finished
with a salt cured duck egg

Boulate - sicilian dumplings, guanciale, brussels sprouts, pecorino crotonese

Calamari di Ripieni
Calamari di Ripieni - calamari stuffed with ricotta di pecora,
saffron-braised fennel, red onion sous-vide with cointreau

Ravioli Doppi
Ravioli Doppi - double-stuffed ravioli, braised duck and foie gras,
goat cheese mousse finished with goose crackle, fresh citrus and lovage

604 King Street West
Toronto, ON
Tel: 416-865-1600
Twitter: @bucatoronto


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